It’s a swiss moped sharing service where you pay per minute with your app. With Go Green City you can enjoy all the advantages of having your own moped without worrying about maintenance.

It is a new form of transportation where you share mopeds throughout your city.

Currently we are in Zurich and Basel. You can use our service in any city using the same app.

Using Go Green City is very, very easy. Use the app to choose the nearest moped and drive. You’ll only pay 1 CHF at activation and then for the minutes you use.

Any person older than 14. (from 14 to 16, it is mandatory to have a permit M)

Just download our app at Google Play or App Store and use it to complete the registration form.

No worries about that. You have one helmet available inside the moped top box. It shouldn’t go more than 5 meters distance from the mopeds or else the alarm will go on.

Just complete the accident form. Please notify us as soon as you can, so that we can give you instructions and also remove the moped.

You can drive for wherever you want. The only rule is: you must finish your trip inside our operating zone.

You can park in any permitted zone inside our operating area.

If you are inside our operating zone, you can park for free in any permitted area, except private parking spaces.

There is no limits. You pay per minute ridden and that’s all!

The moment you use our services you  are the person responsible for anything that happens material or physic.

Whether you have any questions or just want to contact us, please contact our customer service by sending an email on We’ll be happy to help you.